Parametric Revit Family

Parametric Revit family design

Our engineers are experts in Revit configurations and have extensive experience with them. As a result, we excel at developing Revit families for your design components.


When creating Revit families, accuracy is prioritized because it is the foundation of providing excellent designs.

Unrivaled Competence

We have extensive experience creating Revit families. The services we have provided for a diverse range of clients demonstrate our unrivaled expertise..

How It Works ?

Step 1

Send us the equipment specifications / cutsheet, as well as any other pertinent information.

Step 2

Our experts will review the information you provided and begin modeling your product.

Step 3

We send your product modeled in Revit according to the equipment cutsheet specifications.

Revit Software Overview

If you’re wondering what Revit is, it’s building information modeling software that’s used by a variety of professionals including architects, MEP engineers, designers, construction managers, landscape surveyors, and structural engineers. Despite the number of competitors on the market, Revit continues to stand out for its excellence in creating unrivaled BIM models for the construction sector.

Our engineers embraces Revit’s technological advancements. This software is commonly referred to as Autodesk Revit. Charles River Software invented the software in 1997, and it was renamed Revit technology Corporation in 2000. Autodesk Corporation purchased the software in 2002 and renamed it Autodesk Revit, as it is known today.

We have been utilizing the power of Autodesk Revit and Autodesk Navisworks since the inception of BIM. Our engineers, on the other hand, are versatile and thus well-versed in a variety of other software programs used in the construction industry. This assists us with BIM coordination and management of various projects using various BIM software tools.

Revit simplifies Family Creation Services. Our engineers excel at creating families within Revit software. Understanding and carrying out this process is a time-consuming and specialized process. Our engineers employs MEP engineers, architects, and other discipline-specific professionals who are all well-versed in the Revit family creation process.

Snapshot of Revit Family Creation

The phrase “Revit family creation” may appear confusing at first glance; however, it is a simple concept that encourages the creation of flawless 3D models for various objects in your BIM model. Our engineers will guide you through this process. We are proud of the results and impact we have had in many industries so far with this specialization in Revit software family creation.

We use families to create all of the objects that we add to Revit BIM projects. There are three kinds of families: system families, component families (also known as loadable families), and in-place families. Consider the walls, ceilings, windows, structural components, and doors used in the creation of a 3D building model. These are divided into several families. The majority of objects created in construction projects are either components or system families. Loadable families can also be combined to form shared and nested families.

The power of Revit in the creation of families should not be underestimated. It is also a powerful family editor with a large number of families and templates. Understanding this process appears to be difficult due to the use of unfamiliar terms such as constraints, elements, and parameters. Rest assured that you have given professional engineers with your Revit family creation BIM modeling tasks.

Why Consider Revit Family Creation?

Revit family creation opens up numerous possibilities for projects. It aids in accurate component analysis and quantity estimations. This process can be extremely beneficial to construction managers.

Understanding Revit family creation allows you to easily manipulate it when creating 3D BIM models. This is an important aspect of learning this software. The first thing you should know is the difference between component families and system families. This will show you which elements belong to the other family.

Engineers in the area can assist you in navigating this steep learning curve. We understand how intimidating it can be, especially if you’ve never worked with Revit before. To avoid all of this learning curve, you can leave everything to us and we will create the Revit family for you. We understand the software’s dynamics and how to manipulate it to your specifications. Our engineers are well-versed in the fundamental concepts and terminologies associated with this process.

The Revit software database contains a plethora of templates, some of which are pre-named and others that can be renamed based on the client’s customization requirements. We use some procedures and strategies to maneuver this powerful family editor: Revit modeling software, when creating these families.

Where to get started with Revit Family Creation?

We don’t need to study basic concepts and terminologies because we’ve been in this field for a long time. We understand the pre-defined categories in the software. There are numerous categories within the software, which can be overwhelming to a novice on their first attempt to study it. Our MEP design engineers are well-versed in the software and the categories contained within it.

Model and annotation are two of the many categories distributed among master groups. Floors, beams, walls, stairs, and doors are examples of model elements, whereas dimensions, text, and tags are examples of annotation categories. We also consider the sub-categories because the categories can be quite broad. For example, walls and windows can be classified according to their shapes and sizes. A Revit family is essentially a grouping of similar items.

As TheMetaPlans Engineers, we have a standard procedure for creating Revit families:

  • Our engineers will evaluate the scope of your project and the types of family elements required to complete it. We will then select from a collection of Revit templates. Some can be tailored to your specific needs. We are without a doubt the best in Revit for custom family creation services.
  • The next step is to configure the software’s parameters. Some parameters can be adjusted or locked based on your design specifications.
  • After that, we’ll create reference planes and assign parameters to them.
  • We will test the model’s accuracy and consistency after it has been created, and then adjust the parameters accordingly.
  • We can also create subcategories, as shown above.

This may appear to be a simple procedure, but it is not. It takes a lot of effort. We can do it in a short period of time because we are professional engineers. Our expertise in BIM model, BIM coordination, and BIM management has given us unrivaled skills in Revit Family Creation services.

Engineers in the Neighborhood Creates Typical Families

As previously stated, Revit is divided into categories and subcategories. Within the software, engineers can manipulate them and create a plethora of families. We specialize in the following services, among others:

All of the services listed above are not all-inclusive. We have a large catalog of services; what we listed is only a sample of what we offer in Revit family creation.

The Advantages of Revit Family Creation

Many construction projects can benefit from Revit Family Creation. We’ve highlighted a few advantages below:


  • Reduce design completion time by using Revit software, which performs automated calculation processes and allows for parameter adjustment. As a result, our engineers can complete the designs much faster than before.
  • Reduce design inconsistencies: Creating Revit families reduces design inconsistencies, which are common in many projects. This saves you money and time on your projects. Engineers and technicians in the area can manipulate the software in creating the families to provide an unrivaled BIM building design.
  • Aids in the creation of a detailed report: In order to begin construction, a detailed report is required. The creation of a Revit family, with its categorized design elements, aids in the construction process. Each component is given critical information. This is the same as BIM dimensions, which add data and information to components. Our engineers will assist in the creation of high-quality 3D building designs using Revit family creation.
  • Ensures industry standards compliance: Creating Revit families ensures that you have accurate BIM models that comply with industry standards.
  • Helps with great digital visualizations and project presentations: Revit family generation categorizes design elements. When handing over the project to the owner or a potential investor, this aids in great visualization.

Why should you outsource Revit Family Creation?

Although Revit software is widely available for purchase, and most in-house engineers may attempt to create families on their own, the process can be complex. Any inexperienced attempt may jeopardize the quality of the designs and, ultimately, the overall construction.


Construction projects, particularly large-scale ones, are prohibitively expensive. That being said, you will require high-quality 3D designs. The creation of Revit families simplifies the process of creating these designs. As a result, specialized skills are required to accomplish this. If in-house engineers are not sufficiently capable, outsourcing the services to a professional engineering firm is the best solution.

Professional engineers frequently have specialized knowledge. Choosing the best BIM modeling firm can yield significant benefits while avoiding compromising the quality of your designs.

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