Lighting Types for Residential or Commercial Buildings 

Anthony Abboud

10 October 2022

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Lighting Types for Residential Buildings 

The type of lighting used in a commercial or residential building can have an impact on personal comfort, functionality, and style. Lighting influences daily rhythms, moods, productivity, and even health. Understanding the differences between lighting types can help you choose the best lighting for your needs. 



Different Lighting Types



Recessed illumination 


Recessed lighting is more appealing and softer, producing a gentler light than track lighting. So, this contemporary fixture is a popular source of light in homes and offices. Recessed lighting has numerous advantages, including: 

  • Recessed light fixtures take up almost no space on the ceiling, giving these fixtures a clean, tidy appearance. 
  • It can be bright and diffuse, or narrow and focused. 
  • Because recessed lighting is so light, it can be installed almost anywhere in the room, regardless of where the studs are. 


Lighting on Track  


Track lighting has become a popular type of lighting in households and businesses for decades. Therefore, homeowners and business owners continue to use track lighting for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Track lighting provides excellent oriented, directed light, making it ideal for displaying artwork. 
  • Track lighting bulbs pivot, allowing you to adjust the light’s angle as needed. 
  • This lighting types is relatively inexpensive and can even be put together by competent do-it-yourselfers. 


Options for Overhead Lighting 


Overhead lighting systems can be customized in terms of appearance and functionality. Sush as flush-mounted, semi-flush-mounted, or pendant-style fixtures are available. So, each type of lighting comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Cool, energy-efficient LED lights or fluorescent bulbs are commonly used in commercial building overhead lighting. Warmer, softer bulbs are frequently used in home overhead lighting, creating a more welcoming, inviting, and relaxing environment. 



Lighting for Tasks 


In kitchens, laboratories, and offices where complex, detailed tasks must be completed, task lighting is essential. Because it provides focused, bright light to small spaces such as desktops and countertops, location is critical for proper task lighting. 



Light from the Sun 


Natural light improves mood and makes spaces feel more positive, upbeat, and inviting. Because it is free, natural light saves money for both holders and homeowners. Giving residents and business owners lighting throughout the day by maximizing natural light potential in each room. So natural light is also visually appealing, as it has the ability to make small rooms appear larger and more spacious. However, adequate natural light is not always possible in houses—certain building styles lend themselves more to natural light than others. 




The Value of Various Lighting Types Options 


Architects and builders are more aware than ever of the importance of varying lighting options in commercial properties and businesses. To ensure that everyone has the right type and quality of light for their needs, home and business owners may require recessed light fixtures, overhead light fixtures, task lighting, and natural lighting in just one room. 

The designer must consider the actions that will take place in each room as well as the location of each activity when deciding where to place each type of light fixture. Home and business owners may have a large say in what type of lighting is installed in each location. 

Pendant lighting, recessed lighting, and natural lighting are all options for bathroom lighting. Therefore, using a wide range ensures that the person in the restroom can use the space safely. A variety of lighting options, including recessed, overhead, and natural lighting, are common in public areas and large buildings. Therefore, enables large houses to serve multiple functions and meet the needs of different groups of people. 




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